The Story

This project was born three years ago as a way to fulfill a summer night’s promise to my late
childhood best friend.

We were sitting in the car, listening to Dave Mathews Band, and declaring what we would be
when we grew up. I'll always remember the reason he gave after stating that business would be
his future. He said "I want to go into business because you can make a real impact. You can
actually see the impact you make." We agreed, and that night we struck a vow to one day
become business partners. That promise still stands, with the only difference being that now my
cofounder has wings.

#BeThe1stDomino's mission is to capitalize on that promise by creating a resource that further’s the public's adoption of both tools and products that have been designed to create impact.

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“Where The Footsteps You Follow End”

Where the footsteps you follow end,
That’s where your lessons are learned firsthand.
Now the dash between your dates,
Is the platform on which I stand.

They may have collected on your borrowed time,
But you taught me how to capitalize on that minute hand.
Your footsteps may not be in front to follow,
But that push forward is clearly your tender command.

People preach of the reasons hidden within,
The moments in which life seems unplanned.
Don’t you worry though- you showed me half the battle of faith,
Is accepting it might not be my time to understand.

So as I find myself where the footsteps I’ve followed end,
With your lessons securely in hand.
I’ll live to let the dash between my dates,
Become the platform on which others may stand.
— by Patrick Kennedy